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oficial dealer for Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Distribuciones Pako

Distribuciones Pako is the official dealer of internationally recognized brands such as Boart Longyear, Marini Quarries Group, Monark, Baroid and Slope Indicator, among others, it provides:


Materials for Quarries: Machines for drilling, diamond wire saw for cutting granite or similar, chisel rods, splitters, tapered rods and bits, hammer drills, diamond wire, spare parts for hammer drills ...

Materials for Tunneling and Blasting: Drill rigs, rods and bits, extension steels, couplings, shank adapters and other accesories.

Materials for Geotechnical drilling and mining: Drill rigs, diamond core bits (conventional and wireline systems), casing shoes and reaming shells, rods and casings (wireline), core barrels and head assemblies (wireline), drilling fluids additives...

Materials for Stone Sawmills: Sandblasting machines, diamond saw blades, grindstones, steel bushes, carbide bushes, hand bush hammers with cart, grinders, water feed cutters...

Materials for Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation: Inclinometers, piezometers, settlement cells, pressure meters, extensometers, tilt sensors ... from Slope Indicator. ABS or aluminium inclinometer casings.

Everything you need supplied by only one provider, always under proffesional guarantee.

Our facilities in O PorriƱo - Pontevedra are equipped with offices, warehouse and repair shop. we have a large stock of materials for drilling ready for inmediate delivery. This is what makes us different from other companies.

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