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Diamond wire saw for cutting granite or similar rock with main motor power of 40,50,75,85, or 100 HP and double wire speed.

The translation and 360º rotation of the fly-wheel-holder head allows an easy and fast positioning of the machine. An electronic device controls the recoil speed of the machine, maintaining constant wire tension according to the preset value of absorption and stops the machine and the rotation of the wheel in case of anomalies or thread breakage. The control panel is located at a safe distance from the working area of the wire.

WEIGHT: 1300 KG (Without translation track)
LENGTH: 1500 MM - HEIGHT: 1500 MM - WIDTH: 1100 MM


Is a light and handy block-cutting machine, easily-positioned in all working conditions, both vertical and horizontal ones. It is ideal for opening new quarries and performing primary drilling at the mountain or squaring granite and marble blocks. This increases the production improving the operator’s working conditions. The rock-drill holding column may be positioned in the middle or at the side of the translation rail, as needed; it is fixed onto a trade-mark spherical support that drills perfectly aligned holes, inclined in any direction. Equipped with a 2m first starting drill steel.

LENGTH: 3000 MM - HEIGHT: 2700 MM - WIDTH: 1100 MM


A heavy-series pneumatic block-cutting machine, suitable for carrying out primary vertical (or horizontal) drilling and bank-side squaring in the quarry. Thanks to its robust structure, its column translation quickness and easy lifting of the machine represent the best compromise between use practicality and high performances. Devices of the column allow an easy adaptation to the desired drilling lines, both in cross and side direction, achieving slopes as high as 25º. A set of manual control stabilisers allows an easy and quick levelling with respect to the ground.

LENGTH: 6000 MM - HEIGHT: 3100 MM - WIDTH: 2000 MM


Ideal pneumatic perforator to execute the holes for diamond wire passing. It is equipped with a rotating head and a down-the-hole hammer that allow to reach drilling depth of 25/30 meters even with inhomogeneities of the rock keeping always high drilling speed.



Pneumatic machine for vertical drilling (GM1) and for horizontal drilling (GM2). Thanks to its structure, the GM places itself among the medium weight machines therefore being easy and quick to use. The different GM makes may be equipped with 1 or 2 rock-drills installed on independent and shock absorbed plated, with columns for 2,40 or 3,20 m first starting drill steels.

LENGTH: 4000 MM - HEIGHT: 3900 MM - WIDTH: 2000 MM


Is the ideal machine for drilling holes for the passage of the diamond wire. It is a self-propelled unit extremely compact, designed for drilling horizontal holes coplanar with the quarry floor. The drilling slide can reach any angle to execute horizontal, vertical or inclined holes.

LENGTH: 2300 MM - HEIGHT: 2100 MM - WIDTH: 1100 MM

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