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Drilling Accessories

Distribuciones Pako sells Boart Longyear's products, which are designed and manufactured with the most technologically advanced drilling products in the industry, and your legacy of innovation and expertise is evident in your extensive percussive tool offering.

We offer a full line of rods, couplings, adaptors and accessories that are compatible with:

Handheld (shorthole) drilling

1. 3.00m Hex Drill Steel6. Pilot Adapter / Reamer
2. 2.44m (8') Hex Drill Steel7. Blade Bit
3. 1.83m (6') Hex Drill Steel8. Button Bit
4. 1.22m (4') Hex Drill Steel9. Tapered Blade Bit
5. 0.6m (2') Hex Drill Steel10. Tapered Button Bit

Production Drilling

1. Shank adapter9. Extension Hexagon Drill Steel
2. Coupling10. Extension Male / Female Hex Drill Steel
3. Extension Hexagon Drill Steel11. Extension Male / Female Hex Drill Steel
4. Coupling12. Extension Male / Female Hex Drill Steel
5. Extension Hexagon Drill Steel13. Extension Male / Female Hex Drill Steel
6. Coupling14. Button Bit
7. Extension Hexagon Drill Steel15. Retract Bit
8. Coupling

Tunnel / Ground support drilling

1. Shank adapter6. Treaded Button Bit
2. Coupling7. Treaded Blade Bit
3. Drill Steel Hexagon / Round8. Tapered Button Bit
4. Pilot Adapter / Reamer9. Tapered Blade Bit
5. Drill Steel Hexagon / Round

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