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Boart Longyear drill rigs

From hand-held pneumatic drills to compact production drills, there is a wide range of rock drilling equipment.


· Is ideal for narrow applications. Able to tram throught a 1.27m x 1.9m opening with pivoting traverse feature.

· Back height drilling can be as low as 2.44m based on a 1m rod change.

· It can fit in most cages without disassembly. Weighs only 3750kg.

· It incorporates the optional Helac Positioning System. The design of this positioning system gives you both flexibility and smooth operation to drill along 360º radius with extreme accuracy.

· Uses the industry leading S36 IR pneumatic rock drill. The S36 IR can drill 37m in ideal ground conditions.

· With that kind of power and mobility, the StopeMate is the go-to rig for everything form fan drilling, pillar recovery and narrow vein parallel drilling to ring drilling, service holes, drop raises and cable bolting.

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· Modular design with efficient dismantling and reassembly. It can be transported rapidly, even into captive areas, decreasing move time and increasing productivity.

· Excellent deep hole accuracy, through superior guidance of the durable feed sustem and Hercules centralizer.

· It incorporates the Helac Positioning System which provides full 360º radius drilling with extreme accuracy.

· Drilling versatility: Drop raise, Cable bolting, Fan Drilling, Ring Drilling and Paralell Drilling

· The dual 'in-line' hydraulic feed cylinders provide a balanced thrust to the center of the drill string.

PDF StopeMaster


· Low cost-per-foot performance.

· Available in several configurations: Jackleg, Stoper and Sinker and optional acoustic baffles.

· Superior power-to-weight ratio.

· Reuires less maintenance than competitive hand-held drills.


· A powerful 114mm diameter bore drifter-type drill with independently controlled rotation.

· Designed for deep hole drilling in both surface and underground applications.

· Can be mounted to any suitable existing feed system, and can be mounted on screw and chain feed cradles for development tunneling, fan hole and ring drilled blast holes.

· Remote control operation.

· Ideal for quarry benching as well as general purpose civil contacting.

· Superior engineering for extended life in tough conditions.

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