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We offer several types of percussive bits to meet every need in the market.

Whether extremely straight holes are needed, ground conditions are highly abrasive or large diameter service holes used for drainage are require, we have a bit line to satisfy your need.

The button bits are categorized based on several criteria: diameter, skirt length, skirt diameter, wall thickness, gauge clearance angle, surface design and types of inserts button.

Skirt desing

This design ensures easy removal and completion of the bit in adverse ground conditions.

This design provides straight holes in even the most adverse ground conditions.

Face desing

BR - button recessed
Ideal for straight hole applications broken ground.

BC - button chisel
This bit is perfect for abrasive conditions, and is often utilized in tunnelling applications.

BF - button flat
These bits are designed to be effective in medium to hard ground conditions.

BD - button dome
This style of bit is used primarily in reaming applications in soft ground.

Insert type

The selection of the appropriate insert is essential to obtain the desired results

Hemispherical button
- Height 0,5
- Application Strength - multipurpose
- Best suited to hard ground and very abrasives

Parabolic button (semi-ballistic)
- Height 0,6
- Application Strength – fast penetration
- Best suited to medium ground and mildly abrasive

Ballistic button
- Height 0,75
- Application Strength - fast penetration
- Best suited to soft ground and non-abrasive

Conical button
- Height 0,65
- Application Strength - fast penetration
- Suited for all non-abrasive ground types
- Best suited for smaller diameter bits

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