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There are two types: round and hexagon rods. Hexagon rods are more rigid, heavier and transfer energy more efficiently, while increasing flushing.

Round rods are generally lighter than hexagonal rods and are normally used in extension drilling applications.

Lightning Rod™ Serie

In response to industry demands, the Lightning Rod™ Series provides a quick-change male/female rod designed for high-durability and air flushing, ideal for the surface rock drill and blast market. The result is higher productivity and improved efficiency. The Lightning Rod Series utilizes high-strength steel coupled with high-wear resistant ends.

The male and female end forms are fully treated to provide market-leading wear resistance during both the drilling process as well as coupling and uncoupling.

Lighning catalogue PDF

RST™ Serie

The Robust Standard Thread (RST™) Series rock drill and blast rods and bits offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates. The RST Series incorporates a larger rod cross-sectional transition area as well as an increased bit skirt length. This delivers improved impact efficiency for faster penetration rates, increased rod tip-off resistance, and reducedhole desviation. The RST Series allows for interchangeability with standard rods and bits for improved flexibility in the field, unlike competitive offerings, which utilize unique thread designs.

RST catalogue PDF

Extension Steel

Characterized by a duplicate thread on each end of the steel.


1.2m 1.8m 2.4m 3.1m 3.7m 6.1m

Tunneling Steel

Drill steel is available in many standard drifting jumbos.


Hex 25mm 28mm 32mm 35mm 38mm
Red 29mm 33mm 46mm 52mm 70mm

Male / Female Steel

Avoids use of couplings and usually extend service life.

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