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Diamond core bits, casing shoes and reaming shells

Distribuciones Pako offers a full range of advanced bit options for Diamond Core Drilling.

To select the right bit for the job, assess the speed and power of your drill for the size and depths of the holes to be drilled and assess ground conditions such as rock type/formation and down-hole conditions.

Core diameter offering
AQTK35,5 mm48 mm
BQ36,4 mm60 mm
BQTK40,7 mm60 mm
NQ47,6 mm75,7 mm
NQTK (NQ2")50,6 mm75,7 mm
NQ345 mm75,7 mm
HQ63,5 mm96 mm
HQ361,1 mm96 mm
PQ85 mm122,6 mm
PQ383 mm122,6 mm

B 56 - T2 5641,7 mm56,3 mm
B 76 - T2 7661,7 mm76,3 mm
B 86 - T2 8671,7 mm86,3 mm
B 10186,7 mm101,3 mm
T2 10183,7 mm101,3 mm
B116101,7 mm116,3 mm
B131116,7 mm131,3 mm

T6 10179,0 mm101,3 mm
T6 11693,0 mm116,3 mm
T6 131108,0 mm131,3 mm
T6 146123,0 mm146,3 mm


Product features:

• Increased penetration through changing ground conditions
• Designed to drill faster
• They are also very durable
• This patented design realizes an innovative cutting
• They have the stage waterway design
• Twin-taper window



  • The impregnated diamond bit is used for cutting holes in medium to ultra hard formations.
  • The matrix of these crowns is designed so that during the drilling process that wears away and exposes new layers of diamonds, renewing the cutting points.
  • Stage waterway design by allowing then tallest crown height in the industry
  • The Stage waterway option is available in either 16mm or 25mm impregnated depths
  • Face discharge is also an available option

Thanks to its many standard configurations, you can choose the perfect diamond bit for your situation, based on two qualities:

1. The relative hardness of the rock: The simplest and most reliable tool to measure the hardness of the rock, is a grater hardness at Mohns scale.

Choose the standard bit from Alpha01 to Alpha10 that best suits your condition drilling.

2. Ground conditions.

If conditions necessitate superior performance, choose from the variations:

- ABRASIVE: available in 06, 07 y 08 for broken, abrasive drilling conditions or for harder rock with broken, abrasive conditions.

- COMPETENT: available in 07, 08, 09 y 10. Bits ara free-cutting for fast penetratión in very hard, competent rock or for use on lower-powered rigs and in geo-technical applications.


Surface set bits can be very cost effective in soft sedimentary rocks. Boart Longyear offers a wide variety of designs for traditional surface set diamond bits and offers the new diamond impregnated SSUMX™.

Boart Longyear's new SSUMX™ bit, utilizes impregnated diamond technology to offer a more versatile and longer-lasting alternative to traditional surface set bits.

Field tested for over a year, the new bits achieved a minimum of 200% increase in live over traditional surface-set bits.

Crown profiles: The profile of the bit face or crown is important because it affects drilling speed, hole deviation, and core recovery. There is a wide choice of profiles for surface-set bits which cover all common drilling conditions. As a rule, multistep bits drill fastest but are less robust in hard, broken conditions where round or semi-flat profiles are preferred.

  • Semi-round(SRC): suitable fora wide variety of conditions, providing good strength in broken conditions.
  • Step-type (STP): provides stabilized drilling capabilities and improves penetration in hard and competent formations.
  • Pilot (PC): is good for recovery in soft consolidated formations. This profile offers improved stability and reduce vibrations.
  • Pilot with face discharge (PC): the face discharge crown features extended ports to minimize sample erosion. It increases core recovery in delicate formations.
  • Pilot plug (PC): has two rounded shoulders to a concave face, and is used to control hole deviation in softer formations.
  • Concave face plug (CC): has a rounded shoulder to a concave face and is used in general purpose drilling.


There is a wide range of polycrystalline compact diamond (PCD) and thermally stable diamond bits (TSD), which are suitable for drilling softh formations, such us: coal and shale, where they can achieve high penetration rates


Directional drilling bits are used in directional drilling applications. They have reinforced center ports and have an impregnated full face crown, and can also be used as an impregnated plug bit. The simultaneous erosion of the matrix and the diamonds makes the bit self sharpening.

Wedging tools are diamond products that are made to follow wedges set in the bore hole with the intention of altering the hole direction. They consist of impregnated tapered crown core bits. These special profiles are required to avoid drilling straight through the wedge.


Our reamers feature increased stability and reduced vibrations due to the specially designed spiral pads. The design provides increased contact with the circumference of the hole. Longyear reaming shells experience longer life in the field due to the greater number of diamonds and carbide reinforcements.

In the market we can find the new RSUMX™ reaming shells, which have the following features:

- Ultramatrix™ diamond impregnated pad. Enables the use of large synthetic diamonds greatly enhancing wear life and eliminating the need for specialty shells in diamond exploration.

- Diamond ground. Outer diameter grinding pre-exposes the diamond and reduces variation in size improving stability and helping to produce the longest lasting reaming shell.ava

- Heavy Duty. To prevent under cutting in extremely broken conditions.

- Dual pad.This option allows to obtain straighter holes when the deviation is a concern.


Rod shoes are threaded to the end of the outer drill string for penetration through overburden.

The casing shoe inside diameter is flush or has clearance to the inside diameter of the casing which allows free passage of the core barrel through the shoe.

In 2013 is launched the new CSUMX™ casing shoe, which is designed for all explotarion and geo-technical casing applications. The ability to drill faster with high penetration rates makes the CSUMX™ ideal for customers seeking a cost-effective alternative to their current shoe selection.

Product features:

  • UMX™ that enables the use of large, synthetic diamonds, increasing penetration through changing ground conditions and provides longer bit life.
  • Razorcut™ face design patented, is ready to cut right "out of the box" and improved tracking and balance in the hole.
  • Twin-Taper™ Window dramatically improves flushing, forcing debris through the windows while keeping the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner-diameter.

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