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Boart Longyear's core retrieval system allows for the retrieval of the full inner-tube without the need to pull the rod string out of the hole resulting is faster and safer core retrieval.

Currently there are three models: Q - QTK - Q3 and available for application standard hole sizes A, B, N, H, y P.

The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube group and outer-tube group.

The inner-tube group is composed of:

  1. Head Assembly
  2. Inner Tube
  3. Stop Ring
  4. Core Lifter
  5. Core Lifter Case

The outer-tube group is composed of:

  1. Locking Coupling
  2. Adapter Coupling
  3. Landing Ring
  4. Outer Tube
  5. Inner Tube Stabilizer
  6. Thread protector (optional)


Boart Longyear's Quick Descent and Quick Pump-in head assemblies are integral parts of the Genuine Q wireline system enabling efficient attachment of the overshot to allow the core barrel to be retrieved from the drill hole.

A key component of both the Quick Descent ™ y Quick Pump-in ™ Head Assemblies is the new Spearpoint head, which has patented technology, which provides increased durability and safe use.


Boart Longyear's™ overshots are an integral part of the Genuine Q ™ Wireline System.

Once the inner tube is full of core, the overshot is lowered to the bottom of the hole, and its heavy-duty lifting dogs grab a secure hold at the top of the inner tube assembly.

For maximum productivity in underground or pump-in applications, Boart Longyear offers the new Quick Pump-in ™ overshot. The new Quick Pump-in overshot provides significantly improved pump-in rates with dual pump-in lip-seals.

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