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Digitilt inclinometers are used to monitor lateral movements in embankments and landslide areas, deflections of retaining walls and piles, and deformations of excavation walls, tunnels, and shafts.

The Digitilt DataMate II records data from Digitilt inclinometer probes, tiltmeters, and spiral sensors. It can store up to 320 surveys and operate 16 hours on freshly charged batteries.

The DataMate II,is designed for hard use in difficult environments. Electronic components are rated for extended temperatures. Connector sockets are located on the face panel, away from contact with mud, water, or snow. The case is sealed against condensation and humidity, and the bright, backlit display is visible under all lighting conditions.

Vertical inclinometer.pdf

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Digitilt Datamate II.pdf

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Monitoring pore water pressures. The vibrating wire piezometer is the most commonly deployed piezometer and is suitable for almost all applications. Readings are obtained with a portable readout or a data logger. Remote readings.

The VW MiniLogger is a compact datalogger designed to monitor a single VW sensor, such as a piezometer or crackmeter. It is simple to use and economical to deploy. The MiniLogger is rated for temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees C.


VW Minilogger.pdf

Settlement Cells, are used to monitor settlement and heave in solis.

Settlement Cell.pdf

Extensometers, used to measure movements of soil and rock along a single axis.

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Goodman Jack, The Goodman Jack is a borehole tool used for estimating the deformability of rock masses in-situ. It is designed to be used in 3" (76 mm) boreholes.

Two models are available: a twelve piston model for use in hard rock, and a three-piston model for determining the consolidation-time properties of soft rock, soil, and stiff clays.

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Repair and calibration services are available at the Slope Indicator factory to USA, and European Laboratory

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