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Aluminium inclinometer casing

Aluminium casing 3 m length with coupling and bottom cap and top cap

ID: 49mm

OD: 53,2mm

ID projection: 54mm

OD projection: 58,5mm

ABS inclinometer casing ASB inclinometer casing.pdf

Important features to consider are: diameter, groove shape, and coupling style.

Casing is offered in 1,5 and 3 m length x diameters:


85 mm / 3.34 inch : It is suitable for all uses and especially recommended for landslides and long-term monitoring. It is also appropriate for monitoring multiple shear zones or very narrow shear zones.

70 mm / 2.75 inch : Casing is suitable for construction projects.

48 mm / 1.9 inch : Casing is used only deformations are expected to be very small and are distributed over broad zones. It is generally not installed in soils.

Groove Shape

The accuracy of inclinometer measurements is directly influenced by the quality of the casing grooves. The best grooves provide a regular, flat surface for the wheels of the probe.

The grooves should be slightly wider than the wheels, to permit some side to side movement as the probe passes through curves. If the grooves are too tight, the wheels will climb out of the grooves and degrade the reading.

Casing depending of your coupling style

QC Casing: QC (Quick connect) casing is most popular style of casing. Casing sections have built-in couplings that snap together. There is no need for solvent cement or tape. Is offered in 70 and 85 mm diameters.

Standard Casing: Casing sections and couplings are glued together, riveted, and sealed with mastic and tape. Is offered in 48, 70, and 85 mm diameters.

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